Hattiangadi Ganapathi Temple

Hattiangadi Ganapathi Temple

Siddhivinayak temple at Hattiangadi. It is situated in Udupi district of Karnataka, located in between western sea coast and western ghats is famous for Lord Ganesha popularly known as Siddivinayaka.

Hattiangadi is well known for its Siddivinayaka Temple, which should have been built around the seventh or eighth century. The Lord Ganapathi Temple is arranged on the bank of River Varahi. Sri Siddhivinayaka Temple of Hattiangadi is an eight century temple. The temple has undergone several renovations


Hattiyangadi, which was once a capital of Alupa Kings, is now a small village. But it has still managed to retain its attraction with lush green mountains on one side and the curvaceous Varahi River on the other. On the bank of the river there is a spot called Aramane Adi, which earlier housed a palace. At an elevated spot nearby is the Chandranatha Basadi and behind it is the Jattiraya’s Temple.

It was a sacred place for the meditation of Sri Govindarama Yathivarya (Saint) during 16th century. The Saint blessed his disciple and the then Temple priest Rama Bhatta, who later cultivated a number of poetic works and got the reputation as Kavi (poet) Rama. The saint had also predicted that the Temple would become famous worldwide during next three hundred years. What a true prediction it was! Now, the Temple is attracting a number of devotees from all parts of the world.